Self-Directed Exploration of Transdisciplinary Units And Common Core Standards

Update on Social Studies Curriculum Review

The Social Studies program continues to be in the process of a curriculum review. The Board of Education is currently changing the way that monitoring reports and curriculum reviews are done, and in this light have not moved to vote on the Social Studies proposed curriculum. During this process we are going to continue the plan to roll out the second Transdisciplinary unit, anchored in Social Studies, for the 2012/2013 school year. The additional Social Studies elementary units will not be rolled out for the 2012/2013 school year - a plan for their implementation will follow once the Board acts on the proposed curriculum. Thank you all for your continued patience in developing a quality elementary Social Studies program.

Introduction to the 2nd Transdisciplinary Unit


Unit Title - Link to Resources


Specific Grade-Level Task/Comments

Grade K
School Community
(Prelim. DRAFT - last updated 4/15/12)
Takes place in MKP 1
Review preliminary unit ideas - Kindergarten teachers
are invited to submit any ideas they'd like considered as part of this unit - to be completed this summer.

Access Today's Meet for GPS Kindergarten Teachers at:
Grade 1
Family Culture
Takes place in MKP 1
Access Today's Meet for GPS Grade 1 Teachers at:
Grade 2
Takes place in MKP 2
Access Today's Meet for GPS Grade 2 Teachers at:
Grade 3
Building Community
Takes place in MKP 1
Access Today's Meet for GPS Grade 3 Teachers at:
Grade 4
Connecticut - General Overview
(Prelim. DRAFT - last updated on 4/15/12)
Takes place in MKP 1
The following unit will be finalized this summer - it is a very preliminary draft - and we invite Grade 4 teachers to submit feedback/ideas that will be considered as we complete the unit.

Access Today's Meet for GPS Grade 4 Teachers at:
Grade 5
Mini-Capstone Project (TBD)
Still in process of being written
The Grade 5 does not have a new Transdisciplinary Unit as this will be written as the Mini-Capstone Experience in the coming year.

To participate in this exercise, please use the current Transdisciplinary Unit - Astronomy - as the foundation for answering the reflection questions.

Access Today's Meet for GPS Grade 5 Teachers at:


Task 1: Using the Transdisciplinary Unit Wiki:

  • Review the elements of the unit :
    • Essential Questions
    • Enduring Understandings
    • Skills/content
    • Performance Task
    • Unit Resources
(Grade 5 - please use Astronomy unit to complete task).

Task 2: Compare Elements of Transdisciplinary Unit with Common Core Standards

  • Compare the elements of the Transdisciplinary Unit to what you now know about the Common Core Standards.
    • Be sure to consider instructional shifts / performance assessments
    • Record your feedback as part of the Today's Meet sessions by grade-level - essentialist/specialists may use any chosen grade level.

Task 3: Feedback and Reflection

  • We are planning to work on these units during the summer of 2012.
    • Do you have questions to consider? Do you have unit resources to support these units?
    • Please provide us with feedback using Today's Meet forum.

Task 4: Reflection (Based on the Common Core Standards - Introduction)

Please post your answer to the following reflection questions to the Today's Meet(BackChannel - like Twitter) using your school name/last name when you join.

  • What is one thing you noticed about the connections between Common Core Standards, your current practice and the Transdisciplinary Units?
  • How will Common Core Standards impact your teaching?
  • What would you like/need for professional learning on Common Core as we plan next steps?