THEME: Change is part of our World.
TOPIC: Animal Adaptations
Unit Designers: Jenny Mullane, Stacy Mozer, Diane Rasweiler

Unit Summary:

Enduring Understandings:
  • Change has positive and negative affects
  • Everything changes

Essential Questions:
How determine the impact of change?
How do we evaluate the impact of change?
Is all change good?

Essential Question: Why Adapt?
What are the consequences to the environment of our behavior?

Unit Questions:
What enables organisms to survive?
What behaviors are advantageous for survival?
How does where organisms live affect how they live?
What adaptations will organisms need to survive in the future?

Social Studies:
How do people adapt to their environment
What adaptations do people need to adapt to different environments (physical systems)?

Language Arts:
How do questions guide research?
Why do we read nonfiction?
How do paragraphs help us comprehend?
How do we put it all together to make a big idea?
Does author’s point of view influence nonfiction writing?

How do we take notes on a topic?
How do we create a topic sentence?
How do we create paragraphs?
How do we put it all together to make a big idea?

How does the appropriate choice of media (kidspiration) allow for more effective communication?
How do questions guide research?
How do we locate resources?
What sources can I use find this information?

How can we create an imaginary environment where organisms could survive?
How do we reflect, evaluate and revise our own work?

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