Grade Level Unit Plans and Alignment

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Grade Level

Unit Plan Anchored in Science

Unit Plan / Performance Tasks


Name : Weather Matters

Enduring Understanding:

- All living things are impacted by weather

- All living things experience weather

Essential Questions:

How does weather impact your daily life?

• Why is it important to learn about weather?

Performance Tasks:
Students will create a weather report on the season of their choice,
expressing what the weather is like at that time and making a connection to their own life.

This may take the form of a poster, book, digital book, or Voicethread, KidPix or other digital vehicle (student choice).
Grade 1

Name : Circle of Life

Enduring Understanding: All living things grow and change.

Essential Questions: How do all living things change and grow?

How does learning about life cycles help us understand living things?

Performance Task:
Groups will work together to research their organisms using available books, videos, and reference materials.
Using this group research, each student will write and illustrate an individual All About . . . Book.
Grade 2

Name - Let's Grow

Enduring Understanding:

Living things are an important part of our environment.

Essential Questions:

How is everything interconnected?

Performance Tasks:
As a final project, students will create and present a photostory
demonstrating the growth of their plant.

This may take the form of a poster, book,
digital book, or other digital vehicle. Students can choose format for their final presentation.
Grade 3
Name: Change is Part of our World
Enduring Understanding:
Change has positive and negative effects.
Everything changes.
Essential Questions:
How do we determine the impact of change?
How do we evaluate the impact of change?
Is all change good?

Overarching Essential Question:

Why adapt?

Performance Task:
The students' final task is to create a zoo exhibit and present findings to the scientific community.

To complete this task you will need to:
  • Create your zoo exhibit (in art class)
  • Fill out an information sheet for your animal.
  • Answer at least one question about your animal in paragraph form.
  • Decide as a group how you will present your findings. (powerpoint, poster, research report, oral report, board game, other)
  • Present your findings and research.
Grade 4
Name: Social Responsibility
Enduring Understanding:
Healthy oceans are necessary for a healthy planet including all its populations.
Essential Questions:
How are we interconnected?

Performance Task:

The unit culminates with two assured assessments:
1. Each student individually writes a persuasive article to a relevant publication, or writes a persuasive letter to an influential person.

2. Small groups of students create Public Service Announcements to raise awareness of the problem and inspire action to solve the problem.
Both the individual writing piece and the PSA are shared publicly.
Grade 5

Name: Astronomy

Enduring Understanding:

The position of the Earth in the Solar System affects the conditions of life on our planet

Essential Questions:

How does your perspective alter your view of the world?

Performance Tasks:

Student groups have been chose by NASA to explain to fifth graders around the world how the position of the earth in the Solar System affects life on our planet. The task is to develop a question and investigate the question following the research model.

Students target an audience of fifth graders and create a multimedia presentation that reflects your new thinking about your topic and evidence with supporting details. Your presentation needs to exhibit an understanding of the earth’s position in the solar system and how that position sustains life on planet Earth.