How Does Your Perspective Alter Your View of the World?
Unit Plan Title: Astronomy
Subject/Discipline Areas: Science, Reading, Writing, Media
Time Required: 6 weeks

Enduring Understanding: The position of the Earth in the Solar System affects the conditions of life on our planet.

Overarching Question: How does your perspective alter your view of the world?

Essential Questions:
Science: How does the position of the Earth in the Solar System affect the conditions of life on our planet?
Reading: How can we examine and determine the validity of sources of information?
Writing: How can we present information that reflects our new thinking about a topic with evidence and supporting details?
Media: How can using the research process help and develop our own perspective?

Performance Task:
You and a team of your classmates have been chose by NASA to explain to fifth graders around the world how the position of the earth in the Solar System affects life on our planet. Your task is to develop a question and investigate the question following the research model. Target an audience of fifth graders and create a multimedia presentation that reflects your new thinking about your topic and evidence with supporting details. Your presentation needs to exhibit an understanding of the earth’s position in the solar system and how that position sustains life on planet Earth.

Pre-assessment – Wordle (What do you know about astronomy?)

  • Note-taking
  • WebQuest Navigation
  • Presentation (oral, multimedia)
  • Self-reflection

Science Foundational Lessons:
Lesson #1 -
Lesson #2 -
Lesson #3 -
Lesson #4 -

Summative Content Rubric -

Additional Texts

Astronomy WebQuest and Rubrics