Transdisciplinary Learning Presentation Materials
The following are to be used with the Roll-out of Transdisciplinary Learning units on April 13th - these are the items that should be handed out to staff members as they learn about transdisciplinary units:

Materials for Transdisciplinary Learning Roll-out:

  1. Introduction - Animoto - Butterfly CD (or, link directly at:

  2. Powerpoint Presentation
  3. Readings/Questions (please refer to readings and questions during slide #3)
  4. Example of a Transdisciplinary Unit - Survival Grade 1 - Written in established template
  5. Example of "Day in the Life..." based on Social Responsibility - Grade 4 unit
  6. Curriculum Alignment for Transdisciplinary Learning Unit
  7. Wiki Resources for Grade Level Break-out (refer to
  8. Closure - Prezi CD (includes student interviews on their experiences with Transdisciplinary Learning)

Other Materials to Support UbD Information:

Three Stages of Backwards Design (UbD) (as provided to facilitators)